Welcome to RD 150 - Merritt Island

UPCOMING BOARD MEETING: Monday, April 12 @ 6pm
Due to COVID-19, RD150 will be holding this meeting remotely. See below for information on how to join this meeting via online video or phone.


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Meeting ID: 813 3274 4792
Passcode: 319349


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Dial +16699006833
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Meeting ID: 813 3274 4792
Passcode: 319349

Thank you and stay safe.

Reclamation District 150 serves the residents of Merritt Island through the protection and maintenance of the island's 18 mile levee system. Through the procurement of federal, state, county, and special assessment funds, RD150 maintains Merritt island roads and ditches, supervises water levels, performs vegetation control and emergency preparedness/flood prevention protocal, and repairs levee sites as necessary. District engineering oversight is provided by MBK Engineers and District Legal Counsel is provided by Downey Brand Attorneys.

Merritt Island is located south of Clarksburg and is bordered by the Sacramento River to the east, Elk Slough to the north and west, and Sutter Slough to the south.