Reclamation District 150

Public Notice

Vacancy on the Board of Trustees


The Board of Trustees of Reclamation District 150hereby provides notice that a vacancy exists on the Board as a result of the resignation of one of its members. The Board intends to appoint an individual to fill the remaining term. Individuals interested in being considered for the appointment shall so indicate by providing a letter to Ana Ogilvie, District Secretary, requesting consideration and stating that they are eligible to serve on the board by virtue of the fact that they own land within the District or are a legal representative of a landowner. If the candidate is not a landowner, he or she must enclose a letter from a landowner designating the candidate as the landowner’s legal representative. All requests for consideration must be received by the District at the address below not later than November 29, 2020:

Reclamation District 150

Attn: Ana Ogilvie

PO Box 390

Clarksburg, CA 95612


If you have any questions, please contact Ms. Ogilvie at (916) 282-9038


(For information on Election Procedure & Reimbursement/Compensation Policy, please see bottom of page)
District Board
Warren Bogle, District President
Bio: Vineyard Manager/Owner at Bogle Vineyards, Merritt Island landowner
Tel: (916) 744-1669
Term: 11.7.2017 - 12.3.2021
Compensation: $600 per year
Matt Hemly, Trustee
Bio: Orchard Manager/Owner at Greene & Hemly, Merritt Island landowner
Tel: (916) 416-5369
Term: 11.7.2017 - 12.3.2021
Compensation: $360 per year
David Ogilvie, Trustee
Bio: Assistant Vineyard Manager at Wilson Farms, Merritt Island landowner
Tel: (916) 744-1456
Term: 11.5.2019 - 12.1.2023
Compensation: $360 per year
Claire Connor, Trustee
Bio: Accounting Manager of Administrative Services Dept at City of West Sacramento, Merritt Island landowner
Tel: (916) 600-4421
Term: 11.19.2019 - 12.1.2023
Compensation: $360 per year
Roger Berry, Trustee
Bio: Independent Artist, Merritt Island landowner
Tel: (916) 744-1241
Term: 11.7.2017 - 12.3.2021
Compensation: $360 per year
District Secretary (Administrative)
Ana Ogilvie
Bio: Masters in Public Health, Merritt Island landowner
Tel: (916) 282-9038
Compensation: $750/month (no benefits)
District Pump Superintendent
Craig Kirchoff
Bio: Owner at Kirchoff Family Vineyards, Merritt Island landowner
Tel: (916) 417-2347
Compensation: $750/month (no benefits)
Election Procedures:

If you or someone you know is interested in applying for a trustee position, please contact the District Secretary at    (916) 282-9038 or at for further information. Election procedures include collecting Merritt Island landowner signatures in support of nomination, Yolo County seat assignment, and District board approval. 

Please note that terms are 4 years long and elections are held on odd calendar years ie. 2017, 2019, 2021.

Reimbursement & Compensation Policy:

Any District related expense accrued on the part of a board or staff member is reimbursed within one month of receipt submission. Any compensation rate changes for board or staff members is discussed and voted upon through official board action. 

Board Member Ethics Certificates: